Seattle 2018

Almost eight years ago, I left Seattle proper with little plan of return. It was time for a change and time to shake things up a bit. I’d been living in Seattle since college, working and playing music, and loved it, but needed to put a new perspective on things. Granted, I didn’t exactly leave the state; I barely even left King County. My path only took me as far as Tacoma for a couple of years and back up to Bothell for several more. (And most recently, a few more months in T-town.) I did, however, truly get a chance to experience more of the areas surrounding Seattle along with doing some great travel out of state and abroad.

Until recently, I’d been planning on buying a place in the Tacoma area and commuting to my job in Kirkland. However, after my most recent stay in Tacoma, I realized how much traffic has worsened in the last few years and that the daily commute just wasn’t mentally or physically sustainable. (So screamed my back. And my patience…)  I’d begun to formulate a plan on how to buy a place in the more expensive King County, including renting in the Bothell area in the meantime, when I received a very intriguing offer from two very dear friends. Long story short, I now find myself moving back to Seattle, back to the city I held dear for so many years, back to music and back to the many memories of good times – and bad.  And I am genuinely excited about it.

I know many things have changed since I’ve been gone – I’ve changed a bit myself. Places and people I took for granted as Seattle institutions have been replaced by the new and the shiny. But I know there are many things that remain the same and will always be quintessentially, Seattle. In the spirit of these holdouts, here’s a list of places I’m looking forward to having readily accessible in the very near future:



While I was away – RIP Seattle of my youth:

  • People’s Pub (Goodbye delicious fried pickles and spätzle…)
  • Spaghetti Factory (Why, Seattle – WHY??? Since I was a child…)
  • The Hurricane (And The Doghouse before it…)
  • B&O Espresso (Partially responsible for my caffeine addiction. And the reason my Birks are still sticky from a caramel mocha milkshake debacle…)
  • 13 Coins on Boren (Ohhhh, the debaucherous late nights…)
  • El Puerco Llrone (NOOOOoooooOOOoooooo!!! Farewell amazing carnitas…)
  • The Waterfront (As it used to be…)
  • Sunset Bowl (Happened while I was still in Seattle, but I still haven’t gotten over it…)
  • And I’m sure there are many more… 😦

Sigh… Sunset Bowl, I miss you…


But hey, glass half full – I’m looking forward to checking out all the new things Seattle has to offer.

Greetings, Seattle!  I’m BACK!!!  >;-)

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