The Board of Education CD Release Show – This Saturday!

Hello! And happy Thursday – better known as THE NEW FRIDAY!! (in my mind, anyway – and it doesn’t even matter that I’m not actually taking tomorrow off…)


Wooo hoooooo! The new Board of Education album, Binary has finally been released! A lot of hard work and diligent study went into this one. Give it a listen and we guarantee you’ll learn about everything from binary stars to famous inventions (Kevlar, anyone?) to details on how we’re gonna make it to Mars! (The VASIMR rocket – check it out!) And for all of you people born PSW (‘Post Star Wars’ – after the release of the original three movies), be sure to check out Why Is Dad So Mad? for a poignant tale of prequel woe. Ohhh, the horror…

If you happen to be in the Seattle area this Saturday (10/20), please stop by Town Hall for the big CD release show. TWO SHOWS at 11am and 1pm. Bring the family – Join us! (Kids 12 and under are free!)



When: Saturday, October 20th

Where: Town Hall, Seattle – 1119 8th Avenue

Time: Two shows – 11am and 1pm



Clarion West Anniversary – Ursula K. Le Guin is AWESOME!


Woooooo – a very busy last several days it has been, but interesting and productive indeed…

On Saturday night, my friend Giannina and I ventured out to the anniversary celebration for NW writer’s organization, Clarion West. They’ve been nurturing budding Sci-Fi authors for the past 30 years and Saturday night was an entertaining tribute to their history, work and to the many amazing authors who have participated in their workshops through the years. The feature of the evening was a very engaging, endearing and just plain awesome discussion between Sci-Fi authors, Vonda N. McIntyre(Clarion West founder) and… Ursula K. Le Guin!!!

Both women have such wonderful and impressive bodies of work, but I have to admit to having a special fondness for Ursula K. Le Guin. The worlds she has created and the characters and ideas she has introduced have been absolutely inspiring to me. The way she is able to weave together such a complex world, yet make it so accessible to a wide variety of readers completely blows me away. I’m just as engaged reading her work now as I was as a child, but on different levels and with new insight. To be able to someday create that type of experience for a reader would be a dream come true.

The conversation between the two women was enjoyable in so many ways. They are both so quick-witted and well-spoken – I’m pretty sure I sat there the whole time with a goofy grin on my face listening to them chat.  They’ve both also first-hand experienced and directly participated in so much of the literary development of the last several decades, Science Fiction in particular. Ursula K. Le Guin is 82 years old and it was so fascinating to hear her take on how women in particular have developed in the world of writing – and so utterly inspiring. To say I was motivated at the end of the evening would be a total understatement.

If you’re not familiar with the work of these amazing authors, please do yourself a favor and check them out.  A few of my favorite Ursula K. Le Guin books are:

  • The Left Hand of Darkness
  • The Lathe of Heaven
  • The Dispossessed

Fans of Star Trek and Star Wars might recognize Vonda N. McIntyre’s work with these novels:

  • The Entropy Effect (Book 2 – Star Trek, The Original Series)
  • Enterprise: The First Adventure (Star Trek, The Original Series)
  • The Crystal Star (Star Wars)

Happy reading!!

The Sessions (OR: Why I hid my phone in my shoe)


Last night, armed with a free pass, I caught a screening of the film, The Sessions. (Starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy)  I was aware the film had been doing well on the festival circuit and knew a little bit about the storyline, but I’ll admit it hadn’t been on my list of films to see. I’m SO glad my friend Giannina scored the free passes and I’m even happier she extended an invite to join her. I’d be genuinely sad to have missed this film – this story

The film is based on the real life and work of poet, Mark O’Brien. (played wonderfully by John Hawkes) It chronicles his life as a polio survivor and the day to day struggles of life in an iron lung, but the main focus revolves around his quest to lose his virginity. He talks at length with a local priest (William H. Macy), contemplates logistics with his caregivers and eventually hires a sex surrogate (Helen Hunt) to help realize his dream. The film is very frank and open in its approach to sex and to depicting the unique reality Mark faces as a disabled man. Yet, even with such frankness, the way his journey is portrayed – the way the entire movie is portrayed – is warm, funny, inspiring, heartbreaking and absolutely charming. I really wouldn’t have thought I’d be laughing out loud at this film, but that’s exactly what I did – many times. And cried probably equally as much… I highly recommend checking out this film.

What I don’t highly recommend, however, is FOX’s new policy to ban cell phones from all movie screenings. (Might be more than just FOX, but I do love to poke sticks at them whenever possible…) Upon entering the theatre, we were told that if we had cell phones we’d need to either leave them in the car or stow them with the theatre until the end of the film. (in conveniently provided plastic bags)  Ummm, what??

Not that I had plans of being a rude movie-texter or am I so dedicated to my phone one might consider us a couple, I just didn’t want to leave my phone in the car OR give it to the theatre to hold.  And the whole idea of having my purse thoroughly checked as I enter a theatre and then being WANDED was absolutely ridiculous.  I understand the seriousness of illegally copying art of any kind, but even though ‘The Sessions’ is indeed a fine film, I truly can’t imagine it being a barnburner in the realm of counterfeit DVDs.

All of that said, neither Giannina nor I were having any part of these cell phone shenanigans. And that’s why, after confirming that they were indeed checking purses and wanding people entering the show, we took a quick to detour to the ladies room to assess our options. A few minutes later, I had acquired a limp (due to the cell phone stowed in my shoe) and Giannina may or may not have been wearing an ankle monitor. (or had a cell phone tucked into the bottom of her jeans.)  After successfully passing the search and screening screen – and jokingly shrugging off one of the security guard’s ribbing that we looked like ‘bamboozlers’ – we triumphantly strolled (and limped) into the theatre.  (Definition of BAMBOOZLE:  to deceive by underhanded methods:  dupe, hoodwink.   HA!!  My phone was clearly underfooted – I win!)

And then I was paranoid for the rest of the movie that my phone was going to vibrate too loudly or that I’d accidentally set it to ring.


p.s. Go see The Sessions – it’s wonderful!  What an amazing cast… And remember to wear loose-fitting shoes – One never knows when phone-stowing might be necessary.

Board of Education CD Release show at Town Hall


The Board of Education is playing a CD release show for their second CD!  Please join us!

When: Saturday, October 20th

Where: Town Hall in Seattle

Time: Two shows – 11am and 1pm.

Ticket info:

Listen here:

Why is dad so mad?

Find out why dad’s so mad about Star Wars.

Remember that time…

When I was blogging regularly, playing music – and working on a book??  I LOVE that story!  ;-}

Life. Sometimes it just gets in the way…

ANYway – Here’s to a new and improved assault on the chaos.  Viva la revolucion!

It was strange to become so removed from what has always been such a huge part of my life.  Granted, the idea to write a novel is relatively recent in the grand scheme of my years, but writing in general and performing musically have always been at the forefront of my days.  And while much of this disconnect from writing and music came out of a necessary accommodation for the day job and daily commute, part of it was also self-imposed.  (if I’m being honest with myself)

Do I regret the lost time?  Do I feel I could’ve better managed my time?  Do I feel justified?  Do I ever think I’ll accept Miracle Whip as a legitimate sandwich ingredient?  Yes and no – on all counts.  (Except for the Miracle Whip. A definite and resounding NO.)

Bottom line:  Even though it was largely necessary to dial back my non-day job commitments, it was also nice to take a break from where I was at that point in my life.  Looking back, I think I really needed to step back from the person I was – from the direction I was taking – and reevaluate the aspects of myself and my creativity that were truly important to me.  Truly indispensible…

And well, that seems to be where I now find myself.  Hooray for ME!  (A quote from my young, step-nephew, Kayden which I’ve now stolen for my own.)  I feel like I’ve come around to wanting to be an artist again – to feeling like an artist again.  And most importantly, knowing what I need to do to foster those realizations. I feel I’ve finally come to understand what is important to me as an artist – and what’s not. I think I lost my true voice for a while and allowed myself to over-compromise my artistic vision.  Do I think compromise is an important ingredient in art?  Absolutely. Some of my favorite artistic moments have been born as a result of compromise and collaboration.  However, I believe there’s a time to stick to your vision and see it through to fruition.  If you believe in an idea strongly enough, it seems a tragedy to not bring it to life.  You’re the only one with that particular take on things, after all.  Anyhoooo – I got a bit lazy about following that path.

A friend who is aware of my writing project and the fact that it had somewhat stalled, said something one day that quite struck me.  I had mentioned I was about halfway through my book and hadn’t been writing for a while.  He then commented that the characters in my book were probably pretty sad – and maybe a little freaked out.  They were all just hanging out in the aether of my story – with nowhere really to go.  Not until I finished their story.

That really got to me!  It was my story, but it wasn’t just about me.  Here were all of these characters that I’d created, nurtured and believed in, but I’d abandoned them.  And I was the only one who could tell their unique story – the only one who could take them where they needed to go.  Like I’m the mom driving my kids to school – or the mall – or soccer practice.  I’m the one with the keys and the car and they’re way too young to drive… I’m responsible for taking them where they need to go.

And with all of that babbling said, that’s what I’m going to try and do.  I’m grabbing the keys, I’m getting in the car and I’m taking the kidz wherever they need to go.  I said, let’s go – GET IN THE CAR!

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting several inspiring writers of late – and making new friends.  Please be sure to check them out!

Kesina Anske:

Giannina Silverman:

Jessi Gage:

Pam Beason:

Alrighty – guess that’s it for now.  Until next time… Which won’t be sometime in 2014.  I’m thinking July, 2013 at the latest…