I Ate the State 2.0: The Reboot

With the boon of a new year, a return to Seattle and a newly rejuvenated back, I want to return my focus to music, travel, food and writing. In tribute, I bring you, I Ate the State 2.0: The Reboot.

For a while now, my dream has been to bring together my love of music, travel, food and writing into one project. When I used to tour musically, I often wrote of my adventures along the way, but never really put them together in any organized fashion.  I thought about music quite a bit during my journeys and many of my escapades definitely inspired songs, but I never really combined those into any semblance of order either. I think it’s high time to finally remedy this oversight and put everything together in one, conveniently located place.

I Ate the State is a travelmusicfoodwriting project that will take me all around the great state of Washington – All 39 counties!  As I’m a native Washingtonian and have always enjoyed telling people all about my favorite local spots, I figure there is no better place for me to start. The plan is to visit each county in Washington State and have an adventure inspired by music and food. I’ll initially write of my adventures, but plan to write music to go along with these adventures as well. I’m going to create a road trip soundtrack out of my road trips!

I did embark upon this project a little while ago, but a few things got in the way. Since those items are no longer a factor, it’s time to get things moving again and put the band back together. Washington State, let’s go on an adventure!


To begin, I think I’ll start with counties that don’t require a large amount of winter travel.  I don’t really mind driving in snow if a ski hill is ultimately involved, but I generally prefer to avoid dodgy winter weather. That said, how ‘bout I start with… Kitsap County! Home to the lovely Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island and Port Gamble, it’s always a good time of the year to visit. And I always love a good ferry ride! Stay tuned and see how it all unfolds. I have a pretty good feeling about this project.  And if you happen to be local, I’m always looking for tips and suggestions – please hit me up!

Cheers – And happy travels!

Seattle 2018

Almost eight years ago, I left Seattle proper with little plan of return. It was time for a change and time to shake things up a bit. I’d been living in Seattle since college, working and playing music, and loved it, but needed to put a new perspective on things. Granted, I didn’t exactly leave the state; I barely even left King County. My path only took me as far as Tacoma for a couple of years and back up to Bothell for several more. (And most recently, a few more months in T-town.) I did, however, truly get a chance to experience more of the areas surrounding Seattle along with doing some great travel out of state and abroad.

Until recently, I’d been planning on buying a place in the Tacoma area and commuting to my job in Kirkland. However, after my most recent stay in Tacoma, I realized how much traffic has worsened in the last few years and that the daily commute just wasn’t mentally or physically sustainable. (So screamed my back. And my patience…)  I’d begun to formulate a plan on how to buy a place in the more expensive King County, including renting in the Bothell area in the meantime, when I received a very intriguing offer from two very dear friends. Long story short, I now find myself moving back to Seattle, back to the city I held dear for so many years, back to music and back to the many memories of good times – and bad.  And I am genuinely excited about it.

I know many things have changed since I’ve been gone – I’ve changed a bit myself. Places and people I took for granted as Seattle institutions have been replaced by the new and the shiny. But I know there are many things that remain the same and will always be quintessentially, Seattle. In the spirit of these holdouts, here’s a list of places I’m looking forward to having readily accessible in the very near future:



While I was away – RIP Seattle of my youth:

  • People’s Pub (Goodbye delicious fried pickles and spätzle…)
  • Spaghetti Factory (Why, Seattle – WHY??? Since I was a child…)
  • The Hurricane (And The Doghouse before it…)
  • B&O Espresso (Partially responsible for my caffeine addiction. And the reason my Birks are still sticky from a caramel mocha milkshake debacle…)
  • 13 Coins on Boren (Ohhhh, the debaucherous late nights…)
  • El Puerco Llrone (NOOOOoooooOOOoooooo!!! Farewell amazing carnitas…)
  • The Waterfront (As it used to be…)
  • Sunset Bowl (Happened while I was still in Seattle, but I still haven’t gotten over it…)
  • And I’m sure there are many more… 😦

Sigh… Sunset Bowl, I miss you…


But hey, glass half full – I’m looking forward to checking out all the new things Seattle has to offer.

Greetings, Seattle!  I’m BACK!!!  >;-)

2018: A Year in Review

2018: A Year in Review

I’m not one for making resolutions. I do have lists of ongoing goals and plans, but I wouldn’t consider them to be resolutions. My general idea is to keep moving forward, knocking out to-do lists as I go. It doesn’t seem realistic to put together a big list at the beginning of the year and expect it to remain valid for 365 days. Sure, my approach can at times go sideways and maybe I won’t end up getting much of anything accomplished, but it’s what works best for me. The bottom line is things change, the unexpected happens and some items just don’t end up as important as they might’ve seemed on January 1. I’d rather keep updating my plans and move realistically through evolving objectives than front-load a bunch of goals which could end up obsolete or unimportant.

All that blathering aside, I’m going to assign some proactive thinking, planning and scheming to the coming year and just go ahead and call out the awesomeness that will be 2018.

In no particular order, here’s 2018 in review:

  • After many years of plotting, planning and trying to save, I finally moved into my very own, sweet little home.
    • Where I can rehearse with actual amplifiers and not worry about freaking out my upstairs/downstairs neighbors.
    • Where I no longer have to listen to, smell, etc. my upstairs/downstairs neighbors.
  • It was wonderful how the nation came together, on a bipartisan level, to root out the lies, pandering, narcissism, sexism, bullying and posturing which had become so pervasive in the political scene.
    • I can’t believe how many people got out and voted. There were record turnouts across the nation!
  • I competed in both the Spartan and Ragnar races and didn’t destroy myself.
    • No, I didn’t come in first, but I finished! Baby steps…
  • It was inspiring to see the increased level of volunteerism, community service and general concern given to those in need.
    • You get my back and I’ll get yours. The unexpected can and will happen – often when you’re least prepared. You never know when you’re going to need to ask for help – or have the opportunity to help someone out. Give – and live – generously.
  • I moved forward with my artistic goals and closed out 2018 with a great sense of personal accomplishment and pride. The mantle of The Uninspired has officially been shaken off!
  • Life-sustaining water sources were discovered on Mars!
    • Shuttles are being booked for departure in the coming year.
  • My drink recipes were inducted in the Bartending Hall of Recipe Fame.
    • It was a long road, fraught with toil and heartburn, but we all pulled through. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the path to spirit-filled glory.

Peace to you all – And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Found on Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Forest on the Washington coast. Beautiful area!