I Ate the State – Maltby, Washington


As I’ve mentioned, I come from a foodie family.  One of the newer contributing members to the family foodie scene is my 10-year old nephew, Eli.  He has served as my partner in many foodie shenanigans and is well on his way to rocking his own foodie commentary.  Eli is also a co-founder of The Sandwitches – Our ongoing effort to reinvent the sandwich wheel.  I think we’re really making headway!  We’ve been putting together some crazy recipes and dream of someday sharing our creations with the world at large.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Eli and I recently visited The Maltby Café in the tiny town of Maltby, Washington.  Quaintly tucked away in the basement section of an old schoolhouse (circa 1937), this place is beyond a gem.  They regularly win ‘Best of’ awards and I can’t imagine this will change anytime soon.  Granted, Maltby might be a little off the beaten path for many in the greater Seattle area, but I assure you The Maltby Café is worth the trip. 

They are open daily from 7am – 3pm (lunch starts at 11:30am) and seem to be constantly busy.  However, due to an unexpectedly early morning for us, we got there early enough to beat the breakfast rush.  (It required extra coffee on the part of Aunt Dayna, but whatevs.)  When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by a hostess and led to a table.  On the way to be seated, I noticed a stack of cinnamon rolls packaged to-go, sitting on a stand near the entrance.  Due to the size of the packaging, I assumed they were servings of four rolls.  And that was where my assumption was very… WRONG.

After being seated at our table, our server stopped by right away and got us going with our morning beverage requirements.  We both perused the menu and Eli immediately zeroed in on the homemade cinnamon rolls – with a side of delicious bacon.  I opted for the breakfast classic of bacon and eggs with potatoes and toast and we were ready to roll. Key word: ROLL.

When the breakfast arrived to our table – very quickly, I might add – both of our jaws dropped to the ground.  Not only was my breakfast and Eli’s side of bacon ENORMOUS, the cinnamon roll was quite literally the SIZE OF OUR HEADS.  Possibly the size of both our heads put together!  We both stared silently at our plates and then back at each other.  And then started laughing hysterically.  There was no way we could ever finish everything!  If this were an episode of Man vs. Food, food would definitely walk away the victor.


Note the size of the cinnamon roll as compared to Eli’s head. They’re the same!


Eli’s cinnamon roll was not only gigantic, it was incredibly delicious.  Warm and topped with gooey frosting, it was melt-in-your-mouth perfection.  Our only issue was the fact it was studded with evil raisins.  (Are raisins evil?  Yes.  As are bananas and walnuts.  Be aware.)  I know it’s common to add these little monsters to cinnamon rolls, but I just can’t get on board.  That said, as the roll was so ridiculously delicious, neither of us were too bothered to have to pick out the raisins.  And I’m sure we’d do it again… However, we plan on having at least four people at the table to collectively take on this beast moving forward.

My breakfast was prepared perfectly and the bacon was fantastic!  The ratio of crispness to thickness was just right and it had an excellent smokiness.  Not to be outdone by the enormity of the cinnamon rolls, the bacon slices were equally great in size.  Between the two of us, there were eight slices of bacon on the table.  We are both bacon freaks, but by the time we squared our to-go boxes, there were still six slices left.  (I honestly got two more meals out of my own to-go box!)  They even actually made my eggs the way I’d requested – Over-hard.  Restaurants always seem to dork up that particular egg order, but the Maltby Café completely nailed it.  Fried eggs with the yolks broken and all the way cooked… Thank you, Maltby Café!  I also want to mention their homemade bread – thick cut and super fresh.  I haven’t tried their sandwiches yet, but I’m sure the homemade bread is a winning addition.


Note the size of the bacon strips as compared to the plate. Nay, PLATTER!

While although each of us only finished about a quarter of our respective meals, we were both completely and positively full – and deliriously happy.  (And hopped up on a cinnamon roll/hot chocolate sugar overload in the case of Eli.) We can’t wait to go back and try more of the menu.  And we’ll be bringing more hungry family members to help us out!  

Check out The Maltby Café, located in Maltby, Washington.  Open every day from 7am – 3pm – Stop by and enjoy some classic, home-style cooking.  Come hungry!  Suggestion:  This a great place to stop on your way up to Stevens Pass for a day of snowy fun. 🙂

Other places of interest in the Maltby area:

Snoqualmie Ice-Cream – Makers of amazing ice-cream and custard.  They have a nice little café, featuring great sandwiches and deliciously fresh ice-cream and custard.  (And espresso!) Their salted caramel and French lavender ice-creams are two of my all-time favorites.  They even grow their own lavender!  (And offer tours of their farm and creamery!)  This is located just past The Maltby Café, on the right side of the road.


Up next:  Deru Market in Kirkland. YUM!


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